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The biggest asset that we today are our customer base. Our sheer focus has always been being the company that offers experience. We have trained and developed all our dedicated professional staffs and representatives covering all modes of transports – air, sea and road for them to match up to the expectations of all our customers.

Offering services across the Bhutan and addressing the most specific and the most unique needs of our customers and providing solutions in no time, Behag Overseas is on a spree to build customer experience where special attention is on both import and export cargo (sea and air).

In consolidations of the scope and complexity of Modem Global Operations in Shipping and Freight Forwarding, our officials in the field (shipping, air and ground) are more than capable of working in accordance with custom requirements. Our service offerings make us stand out. Communication is our backbone. Working 24 x 7, 365 days a year has helped us become one of the leading logistics companies in India with a reputation of being available for assistance at any given point in time helping our overseas customers and agents.

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Our Code Of Conduct

We are one of the leading International Freight Forwarding and total Logistics Solution Company in India and Bhutan .


Taking responsibility for individual and team actions, decisions and results by establishing clear plans and goals and measuring our progress against them

Excellence In Performance

Practicing the highest standards of ethical behavior in all our lines of work and maintaining credibility by making certain that our actions consistently match our words.


Fast Track Cargo strives for leadership position in providing best practice industry specific solutions to the supply chain contractors.


Setting goals beyond the best, reinforcing high-quality performance standards and achieving excellence by implementing best practices